Collaboration in grasshopper using Github

I am working on a grasshopper plugin that enables work-sharing and versioning using Git technology right withing the grasshopper, I am sharing here the link to the plugin for whoever is interested in this topic. the plugin is free and you only need to have a git hub account. the documentation is available from the Ui itself. there is an introduction video here for the beginners. we are now using this in our office and having benefit of working multiple colleagues on the same project. there are still few pending features and bugs but it mostly works in very complex scenarios. I am looking forward to feedbacks and suggestions.
link to download


Thanks for posting, I can see this being very helpful for a lot of workflows. Are you planning on keeping it free or monetizing in the future?

it will remain free for public repositories . For private ones we may just limit the repo numbers that can be handled free.

That’s a a good plan for everyone involved, thanks again.

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