Coffee break plugin

The Wiki page of the excellent coffee break plugin seems to be not existing anymore. Does someone still has a copy of that plugin?

thx, Tobias

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only the best rhino plugin ever written

Thanks a bunch Wim!!

What does it do? The suspense is killing me GO CUBS!

Breaks your coffee… What else? --Mitch

Damn Willem! Now I am going to actually do some real work…

Be nice, remember that one day you might have a question too.

It’s a joke… Google George Clooney and Nespresso…
(…and don’t forget the plug-in itself being discussed is intended to be fun(ny) as well as useful)


Reminds me of ye olde spreadsheet screensaver gimmick!

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Sorry for resurrecting this, but can somebody upload it again? The file seems to be offline :frowning:
Any help appreciated!

CoffeeBreak.rhp (28 KB)

Coincidentally we had a good laugh today with my group of Rhino trainees at Damen Schelde Shipyard when I demonstrated this plugin and then we went for a good coffee at the other end of the office. As we are back again I am happy to upload this funny tool.
Thank you @DavidRutten for creating it and @tobias for this thread.


Can I ask what is it? Coffeebreak? I couldnt find any thing about it.

It’s a plugin which does absolutely nothing, however makes it seem as though your computer is very busy calculating something complicated. Hence, you have no choice but to go and have a coffee while you wait for it to complete.


:sweat_smile: Understood. Thanks…

CoffeeBreak! My favorite plugin ever. A lasting tribute to the beguiling mind of David Rutten.

Thanks David.

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Many years ago, before I came to work at McNeel, (we’re talking 1980’s), back in the days of pen plotters with refillable pens, I had a coworker that wrote a plot file she could send to our plotters that changed pens, made the carriage travel, and rolled the paper back and forth but never drew anything.

We worked in an office with cubicle dividers so you could hear what was going on over the wall but not see it. She fired up that routine when we needed to be left alone to work through a problem.

Absolutely Brilliant


Is this (important) plug-in compatible with V8?
will we ever get a Mac Version ?
:coffee: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: :croissant: