CNC tool path calculating

I am looking for calculating the tool path from a spherical milling cutter. Is this possible with grasshopper ?

  • How is this machine programmed?
  • Can you give an example file?
  • Does it comply with the standard G-code?

Having the above it should not be that difficult, I guess :slight_smile:


Like this. The user would report the size of the tolerance band and the Grasshopper code would calculate the best possible path within this tolerance band.

I’m sorry, I am not familiar with such machines, do you feed the “Superficie” curve or a set of commands, or the location of the points shown in your picture?

This is why I asked for example file.

Are the curves always circles? I presume not.

It’s something like: I have the geometry that I want to machine in a CNC 3 axis. To mill that geometry I need a Tool Path. This tool path it’s generate in CAM but it’s not so optimazed and usually have some trouble. So, to calculate this tool path we use this method (Pic). We have that tolerance band and then calculate the best set of straights(The dashed lines of the figure). They are tangent to the tolerance band, the longer they are, the better the geometry surface and the shorter the machining time.

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