Cnc routing

(Stu Bevan) #1

jogwheel .3dm (4.0 MB)
Hi, can anyone help me get this model suitable for CNC routing. It is pretty messy, many surfaces etc. They are asking for Max file. I need to inlay a name plate into the recess later. Thanks in advance


Hi Stu
Here is your wheel as one solid. I hope that was what you needed.

I redid the intersection of the spoke with the wheel, trimmed and closed it.


jogwheel_C .3dm (799.4 KB)


Using Costel’s jogwheel_C.3dm model in RhinoCAM 2017, I was able to generate toolpaths for routing the top half with a 3-axis CNC. So the model appears usable .

(Stu Bevan) #4

Hey thank you so so much, you guys are lifesavers! My knowledge is very limited in the 3D CNC area, I am only familiar with laser.
I will send it off today and see if we can get it cut.

Thank you again guys.