Cnc routing

jogwheel .3dm (4.0 MB)
Hi, can anyone help me get this model suitable for CNC routing. It is pretty messy, many surfaces etc. They are asking for Max file. I need to inlay a name plate into the recess later. Thanks in advance

Hi Stu
Here is your wheel as one solid. I hope that was what you needed.

I redid the intersection of the spoke with the wheel, trimmed and closed it.


jogwheel_C .3dm (799.4 KB)


Using Costel’s jogwheel_C.3dm model in RhinoCAM 2017, I was able to generate toolpaths for routing the top half with a 3-axis CNC. So the model appears usable .


Hey thank you so so much, you guys are lifesavers! My knowledge is very limited in the 3D CNC area, I am only familiar with laser.
I will send it off today and see if we can get it cut.

Thank you again guys.


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