CNC Machinist Request For Quote

I submit this RFQ for two 19-tooth helical pinion and two 90-tooth matching gears. Please see the models via the links below. The thread diameter and pitch for the opposing set-screws for the pinion are 2.5x.45 Std.
These pinions and gears are similar in size to those used in the Align T-REX 500X RC helicopter which uses the same motor as my model.
I purchased the pinion and gear for the T-REX to try and match my request to the material in the T-REX, but can only guess that the gear is made of glass-filled black nylon. I’m fairly sure the pinion is Stainless Steel.
If you have questions, concerns or prefer a different file format, please let me know.

Link to .3dm, .dwg, .dxf, .stp files for pinion 19 mm module 1, -15 degree beta, estimated to transmit 1.7 hp @ 30K RPM

Link to .3dm, .dwg, .dxf, .stp files for gear 90 mm module 1, 15 degree beta, estimated to absorb 1.7 hp @ 6K RPM


Image of Align’s pinion and gear below: