Cluster Issues

hello, yes,
I’m running 5E63w, trying to rename the cluster inputs. So I’m going to INSIDE the cluster, renaming the inputs as i like:

Next, I’m creating a User Object. It appears in the selected position (see below, the red box).So far so good.
But when I’m dragging a new instance of my cluster, the inputs outside of the cluster are renamed to their original name (second red box). Also, renaming the Cluster inputs from OUTSIDE the cluster and creating another User Object (blue box) does not help:

Of course in this example it does not really matter, but if one is starting to gather -let’s say- 5-7 “number” inputs without further differentiation, it becomes pretty tedious going inside the cluster each time, to identify the exact var you are looking for.
Maybe nowadays theres even a next way to do this, and it’s not a bug after all?
Looking forward to your reply!

At the moment, there are a few issues which prevent us from even trying this on the mac:

One cannot give Cluster Inputs different names.

One issue might be that you are viewing the input / output as full names (Grasshopper Menu > Display > Draw Full Names). Does disabling ‘Draw Full Names’ change this behavior?

Hello, ok so that actually makes a difference. Pulling the User Object whilst having "‘draw full names’ DISabled lets me see the renamed output:

As before, as soon as i ENABLE the ‘draw full names’ the same User Object turns out wit a reset output name.

Actually, I can rename both in- and output, as it seems. Only need to stay in ‘no-full-name-mode’.
Running 5E140w, OSX Sierra 10.12.6

Sorry, I didn’t see this earlier. I’ll try to check more often.
And THANKS A LOT for sharing that hint on how to show the adapted names. This really helps in certain instances!!