Closing/removing holes and grooves

Hi, in the image you’ll see a groove, an indented corner and a square depression. I would like to remove them and make the slab whole again, without any trace of the holes made. I can extrude surfaces etc, but you will always see all the outlines in wireframe and ghosted modes. I would simply like to remove these and any other holes, as if they had never been there before. Can’t figure this out. Appreciate your help! thanks

If you fill the corner with adjacent planar surfaces (Join into a Polysurface) you should be able to Merge into one (MergeFace, MergeAllFaces or MergeSrf).

// Rolf

will try now and let you know.

I already tried, and it works. You can also try Untrim those surfaces that doesn’t lose other features than the corner, but you’ll see when you try.

The parts which can’t be Untrim you can fill in by drawing new surface patches, then Join with the planar adjacent surface and finally Merge into one. That leaves no traces.

// Rolf

Yes, worked. Thanks a lot Rolf.