Deleting or rebuilding an edited surface

Hi. I have a surface which i edited through boolian difference. Then needed to fill it and move the hole. Completely newbie… i didnt use the make hole function. How do i get rid of these lines where the old hole was? They appear in the dxf file that will be used to router out a very expensive piece of custom terrazzo… so ideally, they dont exist.

Try the command _MergeAllFaces


Ha. Legend. It worked on all flat surfaces. How about where I have filleted an edge or routed something out?

Hi Nic - if the faces are not planar, then you need to do some work - in the case of fillets, if they are ‘co-cylindrical’, to invent a word, you may be able to ExtractSrf, Untrim or ExtendSrf and then retrim with the border curves of the overall gap you want to fill. If the fragments are not really tiny it may be just fine to live with them too, in many cases - it depends on what you want to do next.


I think ‘MergeAllFaces’ should take care of these also… Wish, wish :wink:


Yep - it does get a lot harder but I agree, it makes sense to be able to merge geometric, exact shapes. I’ll have a try in a script…


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Sometimes you can use the Time Machine (on the Mac), and pick up the same object from before you made the change, and copy/paste it into the current version. Revert to an earlier version to check it, but do not have it replace the current version!


Thank you all so much for your help. I am learning a lot by using these tips and experimenting.
I tried the extractsurf command and deleted the erroneous piece… but im wondering no

w if there is a simple way to fill the gaps without creating the same geometry i was trying to get rid of?

Hi - the simplest way of closing these is by extracting the larger remaining fillet surfaces and scaling those in 1D (or possibly untrimming and retrimming them, or using ExtendSrf as Pascal wrote) to fill the gap.
When in doubt, please post the 3dm file so that we can see the actual geometry.

WOOHOO!! Thank you. Extractsrf and scale1d. That did it. Thanks everyone for your time. What a fantastically effective forum. :pray:t3: