Closing open polysurface on roof

Can anybody help me close this polysurface on my roof? I have tried everything I can think of and to no avail. I need it closed so I can do a 3-D print.

Hello - please export a file containing the object you are asking about and not the entire project.


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Sure thing! Sorry about that!

Hello - what’s going on with these two surfaces? They cross through each other - what is the intent here?


I am wanting a slightly curved roof on the exterior and flat on the interior

OK, well, it’s a little hard to help here without building the thing for you from scratch and even then I do not have a clear idea of what you are after - which surfaces you want and which can be trimmed or removed - I think you need to learn a bit more about building models, and what it means to have a closed object.

If you use the Section command to take sections through the objects in the file you sent, you’ll see that it is not possible to join these into a closed solid, as is - surfaces cross through one another every which way.


Thank you for trying, I will work out an alternate roof plane.

Hello - I am just guessing that maybe something like the attached is what you are after.

RoofMaybe.3dm (256.7 KB)



Essentially, but the bulge of the roof would end at the square roof in the center. I managed to get the surface to close without the bulge, so I may just leave it like that.