Joining Points

Hey there, I am new to grasshopper and was wondering how to join all of these points together with a line or lines? I was wanting to develop this idea further with possibly joining furthest away points, closest points etc. Is this possible in Grasshopper?

Thanks a lot

Yes it is possible …
You could use closest point/points for example. Or measuring the distance between all and use the furthest ones etc.
Upload your file and Tell what you clearly want and it‘s no problem to help you :slight_smile:

Hey Tim,

So I basically want to join all of the points randomly but all with 1 line as 1 script, and then I want to begin to join the furthest away points. Your help would be absolutely amazing!

Here is the script (43.1 KB)

Could you internalize the data (the Brep and Surface) and reupload the file?

// Rolf

Here you go sorry! (35.8 KB)