Closest points (CPs) on Rhino 6 w/ Evaluate surface

(Josotop) #1

Hey guys, so, i got the Rhino 6 and here, the Closest points (CPs) got a new plug, and i think this new one is why i cant get the same result as before.

So, the new button of CPs got P(point) C(cloud) N(count). I connect the P to Populate 2D; C to Evaluate Surface; as i did before for the final result in Voronoi frame. I use this Evaluate Surface, w/ a MD Slider, so is easy to flow along the final Voronoi frame, BUT, in the past versión, as i move the MD Slider; the generated polygons, follows that Evaluate Surface/Closest point with.

Now, if i move the MD Slider, from the Evaluate Surface, yes, it moves together with the closest point, but, the generated polygons, dont follow anymore that movement :confused:

Idk if is the new N(count) or another new plug from the Evaluate Surface.



Thank you all.

(Laurent Delrieu) #2

Hard without script but it is not a new component, the other is still there. Look it outputs a datatree and befor outputed a single data.
the difference is the "s"
Closest Point the one you need
Closest Points the one you don’t need

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(Josotop) #3

Jeez… I feel so stupid right now… hahaha thank you so much!

Should i delete this one after u read my thankful message?

(Laurent Delrieu) #4

You do what you want.
It happens eveytime to not see something like that. The difference is subtle !!!

(David Rutten) #5

Are you sure that’s the right way around? If you’re only providing one point for the C input, then there isn’t really a pointcloud to search.