Closest points (CPs) on Rhino 6 w/ Evaluate surface

Hey guys, so, i got the Rhino 6 and here, the Closest points (CPs) got a new plug, and i think this new one is why i cant get the same result as before.

So, the new button of CPs got P(point) C(cloud) N(count). I connect the P to Populate 2D; C to Evaluate Surface; as i did before for the final result in Voronoi frame. I use this Evaluate Surface, w/ a MD Slider, so is easy to flow along the final Voronoi frame, BUT, in the past versión, as i move the MD Slider; the generated polygons, follows that Evaluate Surface/Closest point with.

Now, if i move the MD Slider, from the Evaluate Surface, yes, it moves together with the closest point, but, the generated polygons, dont follow anymore that movement :confused:

Idk if is the new N(count) or another new plug from the Evaluate Surface.



Thank you all.

Hard without script but it is not a new component, the other is still there. Look it outputs a datatree and befor outputed a single data.
the difference is the "s"
Closest Point the one you need
Closest Points the one you don’t need

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Jeez… I feel so stupid right now… hahaha thank you so much!

Should i delete this one after u read my thankful message?

You do what you want.
It happens eveytime to not see something like that. The difference is subtle !!!

Are you sure that’s the right way around? If you’re only providing one point for the C input, then there isn’t really a pointcloud to search.