Cull points help please

Hi!! I have spent the past hours trying to cull these points to produce a specific pattern however I cant get to the end point! please some help would be appreciated, (14.4 KB) s1-A.3dm (161.1 KB)

which points?

what ‘end point’?

you’re using multiple culling parameters (cull pattern, cull index, and cull Nth) - perhaps show in a sketch what ‘pattern’ you’re after…

yes my grasshopper definition shows all the culls because i am experimenting, trying to reach my goal. In the screenshot I circled the points that i need my pattern to follow

I will sketch it now


Actually I just realized my main problem here while sketching, The surface points are not perpendicular to one another, they are diagonal along the surface, and that is why it’s not working!

The points along the blue lines should fall under the points along the pink lines. how can i divide the surface to achieve this?

This could be one way. (19.7 KB)

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That’s what I am trying to reproduce on grasshopper

I am trying to retrieve 3 lists of points, to orient the geometry in 3 different planes