Closest point on a geometry to a plane/another geometry?

Hi guys,

I am wondering if there is a way to find the point on this shoe last (geometry) that is the closest to the plane?


Use image
Plane Closest Point and then sort distance you will have the point.

Hi Laurent,

Thanks for the reply! But this function requires a sample point, what I am trying to do is, with simply the shoe last geometry and the plane, finding the point on the shoe last that is the closest to the plane, rather than the closest point on the plane. If it can’t be done, even finding the shortest distance between the last and the plane will do

Sample points should be the verts of your last. Then sort the D output with the sort component by plugging D into K, Plug your verts into the A input of sort to have it sort with this distances. Then list item the A output of sort. item 0 will be your closest point.


I am new to grasshopper, are “verts” vertices? How can I find the vertices of my last geometry?

Sorry for bothering you with these basic questions and thanks for the help!

It is a mesh, then deconstruct mesh component.

It is a polysurface in rhino, but i managed to do it with deconstruct brep, thank you so much!