Closed solid polysurface


of a curve transformed into “Rubbon” and extrude becomes a “closed solid polysurface”. But can we deconstruct it to be able to modify, for example, its slice

Hi Luc -

I’m afraid I have no idea what that means. Could you post the 3dm file that you are working with?

curves=>Ribbon=>extrusion :flushed:

Maybe Explode is what you are looking for?

awesome !!! THANKS :heart_eyes:

what if I want to move a face without using explode?? :no_mouth: :grinning:

move untrimmed face :smiling_face:

Depending on the design of the object, a sub-object selection and moving with the gumball or the Move command might work. This mostly works well with objects composed of planar faces. there are many other ways to modify objects but there is no one uniform procedure or command, it really depends on the object geometry.

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ExtractSrf command with OutputLayer=Input and Copy=No, then Move, drag, etc as desired