Moving an extrusion thats part of a closed polysurface

Hi MF,

I just built a pendant model with some complex pattern of extrusions on the top surface…

Everything is booleaned. It’s a watertite polysurface.

I’m trying to shift the extrusion pattern a tiny bit to the left. I’d really like to avoid cutting it out, cutting a new bigger hole, moving it, and then repairing the remaining openings.

Is there a better way - any way possible to select and move just the extrusions?



there are a number of ways you can do this but it would help if you posted an image of your object. Have you tried turning solid points on and dragging them?

Thanks so much Cosmas,

In my training, I somehow came up with the erroneous notion that once a closed poly-surface was created, it could only be manipulated by external means like cage edit… and of course that wouldn’t work for me here. So that deviated me from the obvious places to look. It’s a touch embarrassing; but thanks to you, I found the _SolidPtOn command.

Now its just a problem of selecting what I want and deselecting what I don’t want, as it’s pretty complex. That’s a good problem to have tho!


It’s hard to say without the part, but that is probably the better way to do it- ExtractSrf the base surface, UntrimHoles, Move the objects, then retrim the base surface.