Still possible to download Milkbox, or is there other Alpha-shape plugins availabel out there?

hoping to use this plugin’s alpha-shape function to simplify CAD plans into closed polyline boundaries for easy analysis, but it doesn’t seem to exist on food4rhino and the old grasshopper group page seems to be closed?

Is there other similar optiosn available?
Or any help that can point me to the right direction going from Delaunay edge to a final alpha-shape result?

Thank you!

You could never download milkbox, it is not a plug-in, it was an old grasshopper forum group that people posted scripts in.

That makes sense. Do you know anyone working on things related to alpha-shape in grasshopper? I guess I might end up coding it myself but I’m very new to graph theory so hoping to get a head start.

Have you checked this?

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