Offset Curve in Grasshopper

Hello everyone!

I recently had a problem with a closed planar curve that I need to offset towards the inside. What happens is that it gets broken after -0.537 of distance.

Please check the file to see the problem. I also added another very similar curve that offsets just fine as a comparison.

What do you think is wrong?

Thanks for looking!! (7.8 KB)

Use flip curve

I reparamaterized both curves and then evaluate them from 0 to 1 and had no problem.

It looks like Segheir’s solution also works, but I wonder what the Flip component does that makes it work. Flip certainly would not have occurred to me as something to try.

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I also thought it works both ways the same, but it does not.

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Thank you all for the replies and screenshots!!

As @seghierkhaled stated, Flip Curve solved the issue but @Birk_Binnard I didn’t understand why it works. What’s the logic behind it? I would never thought to use Flip Curve if @seghierkhaled didn’t mention it, to be honest.

Yes @Baris, it doesn’t work. Thank you for sharing!