Closed Curve as boundary for random points on a plane

Hi Joseph,
I’m comparatively a new member but the way I see it, he did it only once and he even apologised. I don’t think it’s worth grilling him. Let’s keep the positive vibes strong! :peace_symbol: :heart_decoration:


Thank you for explaining that. Now the accidental link and business card make more sense. Confusing, though, that screen images of a GH model got mixed up with the signature? And alarming that if I replied to those emails, my phone number would appear in my forum post?! This is the first time I’ve ever seen an email signature on this forum.

The issue of not posting a GH model and/or geometry is still a legitimate gripe. Most of the time I spent extending @anikolo’s model was creating the boundary curve similar to the shape in @CRHill’s screen image, which could have been avoided had he posted his own. I converted a vector map of Italy’s border instead.

Attachments in the eMail are attached at the bottom of the posts here in Discourse.

They are rather frequent on the regular Rhino for Windows category.

It is confusing for many users, both those that send and those that read. Most of the time, the sender is not aware that he/she is answering to an entire group and not just an individual.

Thanks to all who have helped. Joseph, i took your suggestions and slowly worked through your image attempting to understand each component. My first program had 4 component sets with random number generators to put points inside my curve that i was then attempting to cull out only those inside. I was lost.

Here is my latest. My problem now is that i can’t Boolean Add in Rhino. BOTH files will be attached - when i find that option on the conversation. Anybody out there with Boolean experience in Rhino that can help?


Sphere dents in pendant random (16.6 KB)

My Rhno file is too big…I am cleaning up what i can to reduce it…thanks for the patience

Here is the Rhino file…Silver lake Pendant HAMMERED GH design GH Question file.3dm (15.9 MB)

Here is my latest attempt in picture form…if Rhino won’t Boolean Add then GH won’t either…



Will need a higher resolution screen shot of the code to translate/fix for Rhino 5.

This is all in Rhino 6 because GH is now part of Rhino. I have Rhino 5 but am attempting to stay up with the good changes McNeel is providing.

You could internalize the geometry in your GH file, skipping the Rhino 6 file issue. And provide a screen shot at 100% standard size so the subtract and multiply components can be replaced. (86.7 KB)

WARNING!!! High ‘Sphere count’ (300) so SDiff takes ~48 seconds on the profiler, below! (86.4 KB)

I put a screenshot in my last post…it didn’t come through!

let’s see if it works this time…

What i understand from your post is that i need to change out my SDiff and AxB components and run the file again… is that right?

I changed the SDiff to a Solid Union. That does not work. I tried enlarging the hammered surface by 1/2% and shrinking it the same amount to Boolean Add since that often fixes it in other designs, but it did not work.


Your solution looks very good. Thanks for all the help.
My surface needs to become integrated into a silver pendant. Currently, the surface is flat and i mirror finish it after casting in silver. The hammered look is much nicer and stays brilliant longer due to not seeing any scratches on it. My problem with the file now is that this new closed polysurface will not union to the old pendant. I am looking to understand why i can’t get a Boolean Add in Rhino or a Solid Union in GH. I still need to update my tools to see the status of a polysrf.

Sounds like you are adding what my model calls “depth” instead of subtracting it (SDiff)?

The Rhino file i included a few days ago has the polysrf that i need to Boolean Add to this GH extrusion with the hammered surface. I don’t understand how an SDiff would work putting the two polysurfaces together. The GH extrusion needs to replace the flat surface of the pendant.

Am i missing something?

Here are my 2 files…

Sphere dents in pendant random (18.1 KB)
Silver lake Pendant HAMMERED GH design GH Question file.3dm (15.9 MB)


That I can’t read your file in Rhino 5. Is there no “Save as Rhino 5” option in Rhino 6? I haven’t been able to read any file from you on this thread.


i am sorry…i forgot you told me about that…
How does this look?

Silver lake Pendant HAMMERED GH design GH Question file R5.3dm (15.7 MB)


I used you GH file to create the hammering in my model. I would like to
fill the halo area above the head with more of a bump rather then inverted hammering
I tried to replace the sphere in your file with a cone and ran into problems
as I can not get the cones to cut the difference similar to spheres.
any suggestions



After i received these answers i reposted with a new issue. That post is here:

that post has solutions that will help you. They are quite amazing and i am still working through understanding what was suggested by Laurent.

I certainly hope those solutions will help. What an amazing application…i like how you are using the pattern.

thanks for asking…