Close top toolbar container C#


I would like to close the Standard Toolbar container at the top, but did not find a solution yet. With the Rhino 7 options I have it does not close and I can’t find anything in the settings either.

I know I can close the side bar container in c# with

Rhino.UI.ToolbarFileCollection.SidebarIsVisible = false;

The top container is not visible in the settings where I can enable or disable the sidebar.

Other things I tried is closing all toolbars and panels but no succes.

    foreach (var f in Rhino.RhinoApp.ToolbarFiles)
catch { }

foreach (var p in Rhino.UI.Panels.GetOpenPanelIds())

Is this already possible in Rhino 8? If yes, then where can I find the option in settings or with C#?



I see I missed this post: