Double curve canopy uniform UV grid

I’m having some issues creating a proper UV grid on a double curved surface. The UV grid will distort based on it’s position along the curve. I’m am trying to regularize the grid as much as possible. Any suggestions?

I’ve attached two images that illustrate this issue. The second image represents my goal.

Thank You!

I would try Rebuilding your surface so the isocurves were more evenly spaced and more grid like.
It’s hard to say without a file.

Are you projecting from the curve onto the surface?
If yes the result it’s correct but it’s not the right tool to get the result you are looking for.

I would use Flowsrf this do a better job.

@John_Brock it’s right a rebuild with much more uniform grid spacing would help a lot.

Thanks for the input.

I’ve tried rebuilding the surface in a number of ways, but can’t seem to either get the shape I want or get the isocurves uniform.

Flowsrf needs a grid to start with. I’m trying to get that grid so I can ultimately use flowsrf.

I’ve attached the file for reference.
DS Canopy copy.3dm (625.2 KB)

Any other suggestions??

Thank you.

The only way I could think of doing this is with the Armadillo plug in. It takes a few careful viewings of the tutorial videos to get the hang of but the results can be very impressive.

I can’t quite get Armadillo to produce equal sized diamonds. The only way I can think of is to fake it using geodesic curves.

Hi Dan,

Shot from the hip: did you investigate Paneling tools as a means to your end?


evolute tools would be another possibility IMO.