Close Multiple Curves

I have a series of curves organized into levels of varying shapes and size. Each level is made up of a varying amount of curves.

I am trying to create a closed curve at each level and get the interior region only. When I intersect multiple then shatter the curves im having trouble getting rid of the excess curve in order to close the rest. I am looking to just get the interior region for each level (shown in blue)

The curves are internalized in the grasshopper script.
Close Multiple (252.1 KB)

Any help is appreciate!

That’s rather very easy via code (C#). Notify if you want a solution (Note: no native GH stuff of any kind).

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I need to learn C#.I Ended up creating surfaces at each level then splitting the surfaces with the curves, it worked fine.

Thank you though

it seems really a mess. Not sure it will work but it seems that sometimes Boundary Surface is working after extending curves

Sometimes it almost works

So it could be a good solution to put Boundary Surface at differents places and then choose the “good” surface for each level.

Mesh could also surely be used …

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Hurry (Time flies).

It’s very simple: After GroupBy (LINQ on crvs end pts Z) and Cyclic Order you’ll just need these elementary Methods (5 minutes max):

Then Trim using suitable CINFO Class Properties (T0, T1) > Join > BrepFace.

the base curves have so many overlap

Close Multiple (387.7 KB)

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