Close curve


I want to close a curve.

I try do it with MakeClosed functions, but I need pass a tolerance value.

If I use MakeClosed(0), the curve isn’t closed, but if I use MakeClosed(1000000), the curve is closed.

I don’t like use a greater value, for that, I close the curve manually.

How this function is used?

I’m working with c# and rhinocommon

A curve has a start point and an end point.

the tollorance is the distance between the start point and the end point can have.

of if the distance is 0.05 and your tollerance is 0.01 then it wont close… if you choose 0.1 rhino will close the curve.

Ok, but the function’s help says:

If IsClosed, just return true. Otherwise, decide if curve can be closed as follows: Linear curves polylinear curves with 2 segments, Nurbs with 3 or less control points cannot be made closed. Also, if tolerance > 0 and the gap between
start and end is larger than tolerance, curve cannot be made closed. Adjust the curve’s endpoint to match its start point.

So, if tolerance is greater than 0 works how you say, but I thought if tolerance is equals to 0, always try to close the curve.

You should always provide a tolerance that is greater than zero to the MakeClosed function.

ok, thanks