Clipping planeBUG - RH5 and RH6


As multiple users have reported in the past, the clipping plane is still a real pain in the a$$. Unfortunately as useful as it might turn out to be in certain situations, it becomes really painful when you actually want to extract visual data from your file. Both the print and view capture commands produce undesired results.

While thinking that Serengeti must have fixed the issue i came across multiple issues related to displaying the slipped objects.

please find attached files for both 5 and Serengeti as well as images of ScreenCapture(SCTF) vs ViewCapture(VCTF)

Any ideas if these issues will be addressed soon? No Workarounds needed :wink:

Thank you in advance!



000_RH6.3dm (64.7 KB)
000_RH5.3dm (159.4 KB)
002_RH6.3dm (88.3 KB)

The issue isn’t with the clipping plane… It’s with where you’ve placed it. The clipping plane and the surface of the box reside in the same space.

You can move the clipping plane in by a fraction to stop the two competing with one another.


That’s not the point Andy. The box was just an extremely simple example. I can’t post files i m actually working on and if it’s hitting a breaking point in the case of a box…

Try any other geometry as well as multiple clipping planes and you ll see the horror.

Just to prove my point

But even in the extremely simple example you can see that the clipping plane is occupying the same space. How do you clip something with a zero value, if it has no width?

Of course I’m not McNeel so it may be a bug but if your breaking point in the case of a box is still a single surface with the clipping plane occupying the same space then I guess the same problem would occur. Multiple clipping planes applied to multiple surfaces occupying the same space would be horrible.

When you render you’ll see the same issue if you had two fishtanks sat next to one another - you’d either have to remove one face or move them by a fraction of a millimetre to stop.

yes true but as i already said that wasn’t the point. see the above image please.

The above image looks like a number of planes occupying the same space as the faces of the cuboids?

It s not about planes occupying same “space” as the faces of anything. it’s about bugs in the way clipping planes are being represented. Check the exact same setup in Rhino5 and it will show correctly. Then try to use the -viewcapturetofile command on both files RH5 and RH6 and you will see there is not connection between what is being displayed an what is getting exported as an image file. Use print, and you ll get similar representation errors or whatever they are.

002_RH6.3dm (88.3 KB)

I only opened up the V5 version of the first two you posted and noted the clipping plane was on the surface of the cuboid.

It is odd though as your file does have those issues but if I recreate it in V6 there is no problem here rendered:

I have just updated my drivers and the version of WIP 6.

That might help?

Pen mode:


It’s hard to see from those pictures where your clipping planes fall.
This is what I get when multiple clipping planes cut through the geometry:

(The clipping planes are on a layer that is off [not that that makes a difference]).

There s a file attached as well and bingo - that is the exact same result i get on RH6.

The section is being showed beyond the boundary of other clipping planes. Am updating my card. RH6 version was already up to date.


Card updated, no changes.

Yeah it happens here every time too. I don’t think I was paying attention. Looking at the angles of the 3D shapes in the grab I think I took a screen grab of V5.

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Hi Tudor, Andy- I see this, thanks,



For Raytraced it is a question of implementing Clipping Planes in the underlying engine Cycles.


Is this in the “someday” category, or under active development for V6 initial release to ensure feature compatibility with all the other display modes?

We’ll see. It is a major feature that needs to be added. Once I get new shaders completed and merged with master I’ll be able to work on Clipping Planes and Shadows Only ground plane improvements, more or less the two remaining Huge Features that aren’t in Cycles yet.


Great! I was playing with display modes in last weeks WIP and it seems as though the technical, artistic, etc. modes could use some additional love with respect to cutting planes.