Clipping box in 3D view


I would like a clipping box in the 3D view similar to those in point cloud programs.

I use clipping planes but I would like to have an independent box in 3D view. I remember someone mentioned that this is possible, but I can not find any information other then old forum requests.

I really like the one in Recap.

Is there such a feature with a different name or something working in a similar way?

Hello - no there is no tool for this in Rhino curerntly.

RH-3941 Cuboid instead of a plane
I’ll add your comments.


:frowning: Thank you for your answer.

I didn’t test this plugin yet but you might be interested in Notilus Clipper plugin, it has some nice features.

Another option is Clipping Box plugin, but boxes it is making doesn’t have handy widgets to modify the clipping box.

And third option is this plugin:

Thank you very much! I will try them as soon as possible.

And what about the opposite option? a box that clips everything indise of it, leaving the outside visible?
It could be a feature of the same tool, clip inside or outside (?).
I often find myself doing isometric drawings which I have to trim with a cube, which takes a lot of time on complex models.
This option would be very useful and time saving, assuming it would work with Make2D as normal clipping planes do now: intersections can be recognised, drawn and separated in layers from the rest of curves.


yes to this :+1:


Hi -

I’ve added that comment to RH-3941.