How to fix this surface?

How to fix this guy? it’s about UV mesh or something?

Hello - possibly, ExtractSrf, Delete, and then Cap the remaining object will help, but it would be better to have a Rhino file with that object, to help.


That looks like a bad render mesh due to a self intersection along the trim border. You may also be able to ExtractSrf and use RebuildEdges to fix it but a Join may cause the issue again if indeed there is self intersection along that edge… I’d check the tight corner area.

Thank you for hekp me, THere you gotest.3dm (802.1 KB)

Thank you for replying me, I attempt it but i dosen’t seem work, this is filetest.3dm (802.1 KB)

Hello - there is a self-intersection here:

Close up:

This needs to be cleaned up…


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big Thanks, I’ll try to fix it that so small.


you should also consider reducing controlpoints and simplifing the shape. This will not only improve the visual appearance but it also reduces chances of errors.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Do you have any way to fix this issue? i try to fix it but it dosen’t good enough.

I don‘t have access to Rhino at the moment. But usually there are two ways of producing good surface modells.

My favorite approach is to model rather low curved surfaces first. A good way to do this is modelling these „base“ srfs with 3x3 controlpoints, increasing cp count only if needed. (increase degree or rebuild)
In ideal situations these srfs fully intersect and build up „theoretical“ edges. In a second step you blend in between them. Starting with bigger blends, ending with smaller ones. And finally you fillet left edges. It is important to note that in 3d space even clean „theoretical“ edges can look weird from some perspectives. Therefore its important to have base surfaces with low cp count in order to being able to modify these edges.

A second common modelling approach is starting by clean curves and devellop a model in same order as described in the other approach. Just with the difference that you start with defining the theoretical edges directly.

but it should always be base surfaces, blends and then fillets

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