Cleaning up microscribed curves


I’m new to Rhino and my job requires me to micro-scribe these curved sections and then create flat patterns for manufacturing. The link below is a sample piece that I did to practice.

Since I’ve never really used rhino before, what is the best way to remove the jagged lines, and create a smooth surface that I can then create a flat pattern from.

If anyone could direct me to resources to learn these commands or can guide me in the direction I need to go I would be very grateful.


Curve.3dm (59.1 KB)

Hello - I’d join the polyline segments into the curves that you eventually want - say the four sides of the blue shape (Join command). Then Rebuild these with DeleteInput not checked

Then turn on the points of the result (F10 key) and rearrange to clean up. If need be you can add and remove control points with InsertControlPoint/RemoveCointrolPoint.



Rebuild and clean up relatively straight sections I would say, then you can make the corners and transitions with blendCrv. But, all of this - the arrangement - depends on how you intend to use the curves - how they are to be surfaced, if that is the goal.

Curve_PG.3dm (71.9 KB)