Classification of areas in an arc

Hello, I have a question regarding how to achieve in Grasshopper that in an area, different arcs come together where different areas are generated where each area collaborates with one or more arcs. The idea is to be able to catalog each area and to be able to inform me which are the unions with respect to their arcs. Your knowledge on this would be very helpful.
Beforehand thank you very much

The general case of this (any valid/planar/coplanar Curve collection) is solved via something called Primary Closed Cirquit detection. Impossible to address without code (advanced to expert level). But hope dies last: maybe someone has some sort of code on that matter and he’s willing to share it

However IF your case is related with things as shown … then there’s a dirty (and a bit primitive) solution: create a flat BrepFace from a given “boundary” Polyline (or PolyCurve or whatever) and then Split the Face via a collection of Curves (your arcs) > this yields a Brep that has BrepFaces that represent your Regions. The BrepFace.Split(crvList,tol) is a R SDK Method … that works OK … well … in most of cases. I assume that you can do it with components as well (BUT if/when things go wrong (life sucks) … well … nothing beats code).

Notify if you want a simple demo on the above “approach”

I think we’ll go the for dirty solution in this simple case ?.. (12.4 KB)