Clash / Collision detection with reports

Hi there,

I was wondering what would be the easiest way to make a clash detection including a correlating report.
(F.e. Architecture Modell - overlay with utility planning/structural engineering)

Or is it already implemented in VA?

Best Timo

Hi @user28,

We will include a feature to do this in VisualARQ 3. For now, you can do it with Grasshopper using the “Clash” component.


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would this be the solution then?

Yes, that is ready to be used with Lands Design plants but you can modify it to make it work with VisualARQ objects.

Hello Alfonso,

I tried to make it work, sadly it is not really possible. the components after VA-Explode generate no mesh output so there is 0 collision in every test. Would it be possible to share the according definition?

Best Timo

Hi @user28,

You don’t need to get them as meshes because the Clash component transforms the breps automatically into meshes. I have made this example with Rhino geometry and two walls. (7.2 KB)
ClashDetection.3dm (1.7 MB)

Hi Alfonso,

thanks for the effort. Just, as soon as I switch to VA compinents it wont do…(Screenshot)

Hi @user28,

You need to get the geometry before connecting the column to the Clash component. You can do this with the VisualARQ Explode component:

clashdetection (10.5 KB)
ClashDetection 2.3dm (1.7 MB)

Dear Alfonso,

I tried but i cant make it work. I want to mark the columns. But the result is false… pls check the attachement.

→ Internalisation didn’t quite work in the GH-File xD (9.3 KB)

Hi @user28,

It is working fine to me:

Which result are you getting?

Please, use the Conceptual display mode in Rhino to see the colours you are defining in Grasshopper.

This is a known problem with the VisualARQ params. I will let you know when this is fixed.