Cistercian numerals

Just because it seemed cool, here is a little script that outputs 1 to 9999 numbers in Cistercian numerals.I assume 0 is |.

Today date 20/04/2021 transformed to 2004 2021

Great date I am!

cistercian numerals (11.7 KB)


how did you end up there if i may ask? a random stroll through the web? or?
thanks for the input, tried to find some derivation of how that system was established not sure i understood, it looks though still similar or in some sort related to Arabic numbers.

I saw that on Twitter some months ago, forgot the name of that and wanted to give a try because this seems interesting. That’s all.

alright, so you saw the patterns and naturally got hooked instantaneously :smiley: i could imagine webbing them together would look dope.

Yes, I like algorithms, problems … what is interesting is to collect things and sometime later use unrelated things to make one object.

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i did not check the gh file, i should be working and finishing something now. but just on thing that tickles me before i dive back into my work, did you feed the C# code with a kind of chronologic sequence or how did you establish the logic for it?

There are just 9 “characters” that are a list of lines. Then the power of 10 are simply symmetry. So it is a very simple code at the end.