Circumference distance

Hi All,
does someone know how i can create an array of these shrinking circles with always the same distance in between.
But not measured from each center but from each circumference ???

i have no clue

fill surfs w cirl.3dm (73.7 KB)

fill surfs w (14.6 KB)

Hi Alxwu

what you might want to check out are anisotropic delaunay triangulations. In your case the nodes of the mesh represent the centers of your circles and the edges relate to the distances of your circles/circle centers. The local target length of your mesh edges is a function of whatever is used to control your local diameters.

There are many related papers online. Daniel Piker did post some examples:

In this thread:

Circle packing algorithms might be interesting to look into. They are closley related to you problem:*RTgEmr3PcvkC1gn1-le2oQz684hoWfg6StybDIeSZ32X-JuiTykCPSwxXmjVShFC/CIRCLEPACK.png?width=737&height=430

Easier to implement are spiral-circle packing methods.

e.g. applied on perforation projects:


Hi Alxwu,
As Manuel says, one way of approaching this is with remeshing,
and in fact I released not long ago a new version of my remeshing plugin:

It has an option to scale according to distance from boundary:

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Hi Daniel,

Very interesting tools! They’ll be very useful for some projects I’m thinking of.
I installed all the needed add-ons and gave it a go over the week-end but couldn’t get far. With all these new tools offered by Kangaroo and MeshMachine and since I’m not yet an expert at Grasshopper, could you post an example file? The one used to make this screen grab would be nice!



Hi Marc,

Here’s an example that generates a mesh more refined near the boundaries like in the image above: (18.5 KB)

It needs the latest Kangaroo (just updated this afternoon) to run. The new version of MeshMachine is now also included as part of the Kangaroo release, replacing any older versions.

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Great, thanks Daniel!
I’ll try this tonight.

Hi Daniel,
I got some problems…
The example was not working when I opened it:

The source of the problem seemed to be:

What’s wrong here?

Also, what are the rules for the source curve?
I tried with a simple four-sided closed polyline:



hi, and thx for reply,
q manuel and daniel…i know your posted links and pictures i also found that when i started my project, but it didnt solve my problem to generat these circle structure over more than 1 surface, like shown. if there is just one surface i do not have a problem with.