Circular Voronoi structure

Hey all,

i wrote a script for an Circular Voronoi structure with cell size based on hight.

as you can see i got a surface which i could easy offset but i want a more complex structure with an
triangular section like this single node

So i got these curves and pulled / Project the cyan on an offset from the base shape but i couldnt connect the cyan and magenta curves like i want to :frowning:

i hope you could help me out :slight_smile:

File .gh (66.4 KB)


something like this: it’s not complete the inside of the triangular section is still open: (52.2 KB)

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Thanks a lot this is exactly why i am looking for! but when i use your solution i always got one cell where it doesnt work and i dont know how the fix it because with different populations for the voronoi the cell change its position.

This is the baked cell maybe you know why it doesnt work out :slight_smile: