Circular structure to straigth beam

Hi everybody ! I’m a new french student that start learning how to use Grasshopper !

I tried to model a structure made with these circles. Actually, i drew a circle and divided it, then I created circles from the points of the division. And then, I asked to create points at the intersections of all these circles (So each vertical post is on an intersection).

But now, I would like to get straigth beams like if there was a little straigth beam between each post (I drew it in blue on the pic).
Do you know how I could find any solution to do that ? I’m not sure that it was relevant to start by these intersections because the lists of points are really messy ! You can find the files under the picture !
Thank you very much for your help ! I hope I could help someone one day ! (10.8 KB)
Test_Poteaux_Circulaire.3dm (3.1 MB) (11.9 KB)

I’ve grouped what I added in purple
See if this does it

Sorry for this late answer !
Thank you very much ! It helps me a lot ! :blush: