Circular or section along curved line?

Hello fellow Rhino Users,

I’d like to create the section lines of a torus shaped building, I designed, but that would mean that I’d have to create the section from a circular curve? Would this be somehow possible in Rhino?

Furthermore, does somebody see a way to do the same for the visible, non-section lines in a Make2D fashion?

Thanks and a happy new year to everybody!

If you are looking to do an “unrolled” circular section through the torus (concentric to the torus center, for example), it is possible with a little effort:

  1. in Top view, draw the circle that will represent your section line.
  2. ExtrudeCrv (solid=No) the circle so that the resulting surface it extends completely through the building from top to bottom
  3. Use Intersect2Sets to intersect the cylinder surface with the rest of the building parts
  4. Group the resulting intersection lines to keep them together temporarily (not required, but helpful)
  5. Use UnrollSrf to unroll the cylinder, when prompted, select the group of intersection curve to unroll together with the surface.

Voilà, you should now have your “unrolled” section with real dimensions. You can delete the unrolled surface.


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