Circle packing with fixed radius and fixed number of circle for each radius

It looks like the main Kangaroo solver component isn’t loading.
This is usually due to a blocked dll.
I presume you’re on Rhino 5?
Go into the directory where you installed Kangaroo, and for both the dll and gha, right click, select properties and unblock. Then restart Rhino and it should work.

Thank you very much thats working now! i got the current version of kangaroo as suggested.

@DanielPiker this might be a redundant question but how exactly do I change the assembly reference?

Rhino 5 for Mac with latest GH


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Hello again, do you have an image of this script? struggling to make connections for missing plugins even though i have downloaded them

Is there an option to put this circles of fixed radius at defined surface? I want to make something like this:

I’d be very grateful for any help or tips

Right click the C# component, and select ‘Manage Assemblies’

It looks like in that image they’ve used a compact circle packing (each gap between the circles has 3 sides)
In general this will mean the circles are all of slightly different sizes.
You can pack circles of predefined sizes on a surface with the definitions I posted above, just adding an OnMesh goal with your target surface, but it won’t be as neat - many of the spaces between the circles will have 4 or more sides.
Here’s an example for a compact circle packing on a surface: (40.9 KB)

For more about compact circle packings, see this paper
or Mathias Höbinger’s thesis

Hi Daniel,

Big fan of your work! I am trying to get this result you have in your image here, using the script you provided (, however whenever I try to use brep to mesh of the same brep geometry, it never works well… I am not sure what to put as the input for the mesh. I was wondering if you have a quick answer for that question.


Hi, Daniel
Thanks for your script, but I get a error message:

  1. Solution exception:Unable to cast object of type ‘Collider2’ to type ‘KangarooSolver.IGoal’.

How could I fix it?
Rhino Version 6SR13