Circle packing on imported surface

Hello, I’m pretty new with Rhino, since yesterday :slight_smile:
is it possible to construct circle packing on an imported surface (solid)?
The object was modeled with plasticine, 3D scanned, retopologized and converted with MOI.
Now I want to distribute equal sized nubs on the object.
Everything I’ve seen so far about circle packing has been pretty complicated and mostly applied to an opened surface.
Poisson disc in Blender unfortunately gives very inaccurate results. And you can’t get the nubs close together like with circle packing.

Is there a way to do this, like in picture2 ?
If yes, can you help me?

Imported Solid in Rhino

With Blender, position nubs one by one with face snap (not poisson disc) =O

Converted Solid in MOI.

Hi @Ersin_S

On a closed surface is actually simpler than on an open one, since we don’t need to apply any special behaviour for boundaries.
For the target surface we want it as a mesh for the circle packing, so no need to go through the conversion to NURBS (105.9 KB)


O.M.G. This is fantastic…
Many many thank you, Daniel. had googled yesterday for almost 2 hours and found nothing.
I can’t select the original nurbs object though. Only after converting to mesh it worked. This looks like polymesh. Is the mesh a placeholder, which will later be replaced by the original nurbs?
Is it possible to do this directly with nurbs?

I have tried to distribute a cylinder. What is missing here is the orientation and the closed sides. And it would have to be a little longer into the bubble so that i can edit it via booleon :slight_smile:

Excuse me for so many questions.
But learning from talented people is always better than try&error.

If you can help me a little bit more that would be awesome.

Got it, very simple :slight_smile:

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