Circle Anchor Point + Gravity Simulation w Cloth

I am new to using kangaroo.
I am simulating a fabric hanging from a circular anchor point, with corner points suspended. So far, according to the first image, I have modeled this scenario in tension, however, like image 2, I would like it to hang and produce a vaulted shape with a circle anchor point in the center.

I have attached both scripts below.
01 (43.5 KB)

01.1 (13.0 KB)


If you want the mesh to droop, you need a downwards force or load.
Furthermore, you can’t have all vertices along the lower naked edge of your mesh as anchors, if you expect the mesh to relax here, too. Anchored vertices tend to stay in place.

I hope this helps.

01 (27.2 KB)

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Some tips:

  1. If you want to start from something and you don’t care about the shape that something could be a flat mesh as well. In fact in 99% of tensile membrane cases we start from a flat Mesh.
  2. Always separate naked and clother edges for applying forces (as we do in real-life in membranes). (23.4 KB)

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