Circle Alignment issues and Circle packing

Hello Friends,

I am trying to make circles inside of this profile and I found that the circles between each does not aligned well. Can you give me some suggestions on How well I can make clean and aligned circles in this profile.

Thanks in Advance for all your help and Suggestion.

Cheers, Arnicircle packing (16.6 KB) Circle packing.3dm (55.6 KB)

Hi Arni,
There was a long discussion about something similar recently here.
Here’s a go at applying something similar to your shape (21.3 KB)


Here increasing the density (18.3 KB)
Fitting dot patterns to an irregular boundary like this is always a compromise between curve flow, spacing and alignment.

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Hi Daniel

Thank you so much for the codes you have here. It looks really cool. This kind of Profile I am going to use in ceiling so if there is any problem in alignment it will look not great. Is there any other method can you provide me like randomly reduce at the edges and in center having clean and aligned holes?

I really appreciate your help. Thanks in advance

Cheers Arni