Gradient diameter circle packing

I have made a crude attempt at something that could be elegant of which I asked about last year .
Can I get some pointers from more skilled users on how to get from where i am to a gradient fade from the 2 starting curves. I am trying to achieve a given ‘x’ offset from curve boundary which starts with 3mm rad circles going up to as big as I can get in the offset region centroid in (maybe) 4 steps. this is 6 hrs work and countless deletions… sad.[gradient fade.3dm|attachment]
(upload://ik0LdeUvjaLCUv8Pleygl5eIDfe.3dm) (65.3 KB)
gradient circle (367.8 KB)

totally new approach, I’m closer to solving this but the fundamental thing I can resolve is lowering the qty and making the inner hexagon much larger than the grid centre points allow. ie: some must be culled?

can I get help on how to go about creating larger hexagons in the higher density areas?
…The outer areas are fine for my cnc operations.
hex scale by distance (34.7 KB)