Box morph issue (Circle packing )


Hello all,
I’m trying to re-create the reference image model into gh. For this i adopt box morphing technique but some how it is not close to the above referenced image because the the upper part of the ring have pearl placed after it small circle tubes all are placed in circular flow around it i couldn’t achieve this. Any help will be welcomed. Thanks in advance .

Gh file attached: My try forum question (296.8 KB)


Boxmorphing wont get you that. That is a circle packing. Look up circle packing Kangaroo 2.

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@ajarindia Perhaps this helps? (19.4 KB)

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Thank you @tognatta.aditya and @Michael_Pryor but with help of circle packing I can achieve this type of result only (image attached) and it is completely different the reference image.


In the reference image upper part is little different from the lower part.

This is not possible in circle packing I guess.


These look like the artifact of circle packing flat, the flowing along surface (sporph) to a surface with a distorted UV grid. I am sure you could circle pack with a bit of a squishiness factor, I bet @DanielPiker has something for that.

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Thank you @Michael_Pryor. As you said definitely @DanielPiker will have some solution to this thing. I hope I’ll get his help on this issue. In the mean time I’ll also give some more try to slove this issue by myself.

Here’s an approach using collisions between flexible curves (39.5 KB)


increasing the squishiness:


Interesting definition, cool to play with it.


Thank you @DanielPiker