Cilinder around curve


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I would like to place cylinder around lines, and i am using in Rhino the command: solid-> cylinder -> around curve. This is doing perfectly what I wanted, but I want to run the command on multiple lines in once. This doesn’t work in Rhino, so I was looking for a command in GH that does the same so that I can select my whole model in one time. Anyone knows if there is a command in GH to do that? Or something that I can draw the circle of the cilinder and extrude the surface on lines in 3D? Thanks!


Could Pipe do what you want?


// Rolf

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@RIL Yes, great!! thanks. That helps a lot, would it be possible to close the ends of the pipe so that I create solids?


You can set the end type on the E-inport of the Pipe component (None, Flat or Round).


For other cases you have the Cap component that will close any planar openings on Breps.

// Rolf

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