Choose four points per floor and make a polygon

Hello All?

I have 5 story-building.

and all floors ’ grids returned

and with those points, I’m gonna choose 4~6 points among grids and make polygons per each story.( as you can see the pic. , there are a lot of grids)

and along z-axis they will be connected and make a 3-D Structure.

The problem is that the concept of Combination of grids is really challenging.

Can anyone help me?

Select four points

First Rhino.3dm (155.3 KB) (18.1 KB)

Random points? Regular polygon floors are easier. Scaled, rotated or whatever: (18.9 KB)

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Joseph! Hi,

First of all, Thank you so much for your help and sharing your expertise.

Actually, the points selection is not random.

I simplified my problem to elaborate further on it.

As you can see, there is one plane and I divided the surface with 15x15 grids. ( 225 Points as tree were obtained )

and I wanna choose 4 points among the points and make the polygon(this is easy with polyline element)

So the ideal result is like this.

since the # of cases will be (1515)C(4) which is (1515)C(4) = 103962600, Cases of Combination, I wanna choose one of the cases with the number slider.

But as you know… it is challenging for me to properly process and get the result.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: (5.4 KB)

I would avoid that condition at all costs in GH. Too many of anything takes too long to compute, which is all the worse when building a model.

I see no indication of any effort or basis for choosing points or drawing a polygon between them. Nothing? So… nothing I can do either. Can’t read your mind and don’t want to do student homework anymore.

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Assuming it takes you a quarter second to move the slider and visually inspect the result, and assuming you’ll have to -on average- search through half the list before you find the one you want, it will take you about 150 days of non-stop work.


I think that he actually means a “propagation” of combos (“kinda” like a variation of Tetris, so to speak).

See attached where just one combo is made (1,2 or 3 adjacent modules). (122.9 KB)