Chinese text

I am trying to create text objects made of Chinese characters for 2D drawings. I don’t need solids or surfaces, just text is fine. I can type the Chinese characters into the text editing field but when I view the result in the viewport it looks like the characters are not supported and they appear to be rectangles. Changing the size of the font will change the size of the rectangles. I’ve tried inputting the Chinese characters into the text editing field in different ways, including using the special characters option at the bottom of the “Edit” menu, but the result is the same-rectangles but no font. When I look at the detail properties of the text object the correct character shows us, but the viewport display is still a rectangle. Is there some way I can do this?

When specifying text in your model, you specify both the characters to be drawn and the font to use when drawing the text. Not all fonts contain Chinese characters, so you need to choose a font that does contain Chinese characters. See this page to help select a font to use.

Thanks Marlin. Not all fonts that were listed as containing Chinese characters worked but I ended up with ST Heiti bold.