Chevy Panel Truck 1951 - Hot Rod

I have too much time - my next project - body upper and lower part and fenders are each modeled in SubD, then converted into nurbs, trimmed and connected. The rest of the details (except for the hood ornament) are constructed in nurbs. I still have my problems with rendering, when I activate the sunlight the renderer only works very slowly and that doesn’t change when I turn it off again - maybe someone can give me a tip.
Still - have fun looking at it.



After disabling sun while Raytraced is still running you’ll have to likely toggle the viewport mode as well.

It is on my list to fix: RH-64526 Sun and shadows-only groundplane very slow.

Until then don’t use shadows-only gp + sun or directional light. If you have no lights in the scene (including sky light) then you get a default camera-based directional light.

try switching off ground plane and make a physical ground plane backdrop- ( I bend it up to obscure the background like a photo studio seamless backdrop-)

Awesome model!!

Thank you for your tips - I’ll try
Greetings Rainer

please post your finals to the gallery! very cool project!

So, now I’ve tried it, ground level off, background as a hollow, sun 0.1 - sky off, 2 rectangular panels 0.1 light color light gray - one 45 degrees from above in front, the second on the background - I like it much better - thank you for the good tips from Kyle


nice! now play with color and falloff with the lights-

use color to crate some separation from the backdrop, also focal blur to draw attention to an area or to blur the backdrop a bit…

Also try some materials for the floor plane that have a little texture to them, which complements nicely with the focal blur.

also try my trick for putting a panel light behind the car pointing away from it, and toward the background to create a halo, warm or cool colors will change the mood…

What a fun model to play with!! Very well done! Love the taillight design

I’m so stoked to see what you are all doing with these new tools!!