Checkerboard pattern and boolean operation

Hi all,

I would like to cover an area (circled in yellow) that is made of intersecting lines with a checkerboard pattern. My problem is twofold:

  • I have difficulties making the checkerboard pattern. The way I am tackling this seems way too convoluted (intersections + expression + dispatch + multiple cull patterns + 4points surface)

  • I am unable to constrain the pattern to the selected area. When making a closed curve from the yellow lines and applying a “difference” operation with the (failed) checkerboard pattern, the bordering quad faces (surfaces) are not getting cut properly and overlap the sides.

Checkerboard from (15.0 KB)

Would you mind give me a hand ?

have a look !!
Checkerboard from (17.5 KB)


Thank you for your help !

The checkerboard pattern looks good but I still can’t manage to constrain it to a specific area. With a “difference” boolean operation the bordering quad faces are still overlapping the sides:

Any idea how to remove/cut the overlapping bits ?

Checkerboard from (14.6 KB)

have a look !!
Checkerboard from (18.3 KB)


Thank you so much for your time and the kind help. It is exactly what I was looking for.

Alternatively I have come up with a different approach, splitting the checkerboard with the “Split Brep” component and filtering the resulting fragments based on the location of their cendroids (inside/outside the cutting curve)

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good one ! have u checked some place some corners are not splitting
check for details
later i found some flaws !

good solution !!