Changing Zoom Distance

something which bothers me from time to time but which i never could figure out, how to change how far one can zoom in with the scroll wheel while working in perspective mode which often bothers me having it first slow down then stop at points where i would need a little more. the only way is to activate another object and to zoom select is that so?

it would be really helpful to drive with the camera endlessly. is there a way? also changing the far clipping would be helpful then. any suggestions, besides switching to parallel view?

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not completely related but you may find Zoom Target helpful instead of always using Zoom Selected…

i’m pretty sure it’s a built-in macro – ZT
(though maybe i set that one up myself ?)

try it out… it allows you to get into the teensiest of places without scroll wheeling (though it also lets you generally scroll in further as well)

At that point, turn on the camera and look at it in the other views. You should see that the camera is way up against the target and the target has to move for the camera to be able to move.

hi @jeff_hammond, using zoom selected is still faster, i select an object and hit the macro, in that case its my upper screen edge. but its still uncomfortable having to do anything at all to be able to zoom further…

@wim i left it uncategorized on purpose because some people have mac muted like that i dont get input from them. about the camera yes that clear and thats also exactly the problem i would say. having no target at all and having the camera slide through space endlessly would be helpful at many points… other software packages have this.

so thats it no other solution?

cmmd + RMB

edit-- @RichardZ
check this out:

edit 2-
hmm, not quite sure this type of zooming solves your problem… you can still get a freezing appearance when zooming…

i’m not 100% on this but i think windows has/had a preference that continuously adjusts the target in regards to what’s in the viewport… (or under the cursor?)

that said, mac navigating has, i think, changed some since the earlier days… the target used to be very strict on mac… it now moves around a bit leading to less cases where you need take steps to manually adjust the camera.

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not really about being faster (though i have zoom target on a thumb button so it’s pretty fast :wink: )…

it just comes in handy when wanting to set a specific camera target instead of zoomSelected which puts you in the middle of object(s)… also helpful to use when having something selected for reasons other than zooming to it.
(as in, you can use zoom target without deselecting something you may be working with)

wasn’t meaning it as a solution… just another option in case you’re not already using that one…
but, you can also use zoom target to get further into the scene when you’ve otherwise bumped the camera into the target.

I was just about to link to that :wink: - but is that Alt + RMB combination also available on Mac?

Darn, I just checked and my mind-reading setting was turned off again. Hate it when that happens. I’ll reboot now…
Of course, if you leave your thread uncategorized, Rhino developers will come in and spend their time to categorize it for you. I’d rather have them use their time on something productive…

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thanks for the link! i should get accustomed with checking the wiki more often :smiley:
its alt and scroll wheel yeehaww

:joy: thats true