Changing Type Category in Revit using Grasshopper

Hello, I was wondering how to change the model type category from generic model to floor is it possible to change it using grasshopper?

If it is a Generic Model then it is possible. Reference the object, Delete it and add it again with the new category.

Thank you but what do you mean by ‘add it again with the new category‘ ? I don’t know what I should do in that part.

Get the geometry of the element using Element Geometry and add it using Add Direct Shape. Set the Direct Shape Category as Floors.

If you could share an example file, I could’ve explained it better.

1.3dm (189.7 KB) (9.2 KB)
1.rvt (3.6 MB)

Sorry about that, oh yes, I know that step but how do I execute it with my current grasshopper script.