Changing the diameter of collums, angle and height

hello, i cant seem to figure out how to make this circular, and to trim what is extruding downwards, also, i would remove all these extra pipes on the eges, just leave the ones extending from the inside ones (drawn). also, how do i change the piping from circular to square or rectangular? (20.3 KB)
rajno.3dm (2.4 MB) (20.7 KB)


wow, thank you so much!!

sorry to bother you again, how do i get these arches to have more of a curve?

Modified the file uploaded by @HS_Kim (28.7 KB)



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hello, i have been struggling with grasshopper, my thesis is coming up and these are the final problems i havent been able to solve on my own because i am new to rhino, and the school i go to did not teach it. i have been helped a lot by the people in this forum and am hoping you can help me solve this final problem. this construction is supposed to fit into another part of my project and thats why i need to make the diameter 14 meters including the thickness of the construction, also for the heightht up to 8.5 meters it would need to be 90 degreees to the ground. i have sketched the height differences that need to be made, like the final height and the height of the opening, hoping you can help (29.3 KB)

rajno.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hi @ivan_R

It will help others help you if you include in your description something about the approach you’re using, so they have an idea what kind of issue it is before having to download and open any files.

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okay, thank you, I will create another post

This topic can be renamed!

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Hello, I need some assistance in changing the height of collums and the angle of them, how do i do that? this is the screenshot of the measurements i need in meters-

here are rhino and grasshopper files-
rajno.3dm (3.0 MB) (29.3 KB)

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If it was only about the diameter at the base, this would solve it:

Edges can be filtered and the direction force can be used to force them to be parallel to the Z axis like this: (43.3 KB)

Adjusting the height is more complex. From looking at your structure, I don’t think 12 meter maximum height and 10 meters arch height between the bases is going to make much sense as the center part does not have much curvature which to me seems weak.

Quad Remesh might actually not be the best way to create the base mesh and a semi-manual process might be required to have more control over the direction of the edges.

Here’s an alternative solution with a base mesh I created with a radial grid and some manual tweaks in Rhino. It’s also not perfect but in contrast to QuadRemesh you have full control over singularities. Those are the points where in this case more or less than four quads meet. (71.0 KB)


thank you, this is exactly what i wanted to do! the only thing is i seem to have lost the thickness of the structure, how to i bring that back? or are the “lineweights” turned off?

meaning this “thickness” @HS_Kim

Ivan, it’s just disabled since it wasn’t too relevant for me.

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Pardon me but the post you have marked as “Solution” is incorrect as it contains no code. @martinsiegrist’s solution is here and works fine for me, provided that the Solver is enabled and components are connected, enabled and preview on.

P.S. Or maybe the solution was provided by @HS_Kim three weeks ago and others only adjusted parameters? :roll_eyes:

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