Changing Template File folder location

I have my own set of template files I use for Rhino. I put them in the Template Files folder (/Applications/ Files), and delete the template files that I never use. This works fine until Rhino gets an update. Once the update is installed, all of my templates are deleted (yay for keeping backups) and are replaced with all of the original template files (that I still don’t want).

So to (hopefully) prevent my files from getting replaced every time Rhino gets an update, I opened Rhino’s preferences (Command-comma), clicked on Advanced, and found “Rhino.Options.FileSettings.TemplateFiles”. It sure appears as if this is a preference setting to change which folder I want to use for my template files, but when I change it to another folder location and restart Rhino, nothing changes. Am I missing something, or does this preference setting not function correctly?

So Mac Rhino is actually deleting your custom templates (with different names than the originals) when doing an update? That sounds really bad.

Correct. Yes, different names.

Wow… :grimacing: