Changing floating toolbars blue band

Hi everybody,

Not crucial but a bit bothering if you want to custom your work interface…

How can we change the color of the top blue band of flying toolbars? I’m not finding it into the Options > Appearence > Colors menu and neither through the Windows personalization options…

Hi Jordi - I don’t think so… I’ll ask the toolbar master - (though he’s away for a few more days… so be patient…)

@JohnM - is there a setting someplace for this?


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Thanks, Pascal
I’ll wait invoking the master :pray:

@Jordi_Perez - you can change this, it turns out, in V6/WIp -

Open Options > Advanced
Type “Active” to filter the view and look for ‘Active Caption’

Click to change, then close and restart Rhino to see the effect…

Does that do what you need?



Hi Pascal,

That looks exactly as needed! Knowing full well that it’s editable into V6 I will wait, but more peacefully with my not-for-so-long blue toolbars…

Thank you