Non-standard Appearance Settings

I have a couple of minor (but annoying) issues with display/appearance.

  1. How do I change Rhinos window heading bar (the one at the top with Rhino icon on the LHS) to another colour. At the moment it’s a bright pink which I am finding very distracting.
  2. Fillet preview radius and text is currently a very light grey (which I cant see) so I would like to change it to black. I couldn’t see where to change this setting (I’ve looked in the Appearance so advice on changing this colour would be appreciated.

The title bar color is a Windows appearance setting, not Rhino as far as I know. Right click on desktop>Personalize.

If you are talking about FilletEdge here, the preview color is Appearance>Tracking Lines…

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks so much, Mitch. You were correct about the border colour - it is a windows thing.
Updated tracking lines so all is visible now.
All sorted! :smile: